Automatic Unit Durasweeper ST-200A

Its unique technology allows for the removal of snow or other debris with a brush system that adjusts automatically with different roof heights and doesn't damage the roof.

Automated snow removal system for trailers and other commercial vehicles

This premium system minimizes the time it takes to clear trucks or any other commercial vehicles, reduces personnel on-site, and ensures that the brush always returns to a proper safe height for the next driver.  The unit is also able to handle obstacles on the roof for up to 30 cm in height without damaging, for example, air conditioner, spoilers or other extra equipment on top.This system is able to clean a different type of vehicles, maximum working brush height is 540 cm and minimum brush working height is 41 cm. The brush can be moved up and down to adjust to the required height. 

Easy installation and computerised control

The system is delivered in 10 preassembled pieces for easy assembly. The total weight of all parts is approximately 2.400 kg.  The unit is lubricated with oil that works under temperature for up to -40 C. The system is controlled via a computerized control panel with three control modes, one hand-held remote control and two automatic modes. To increase safety includes traffic light for drivers to act accordingly.

Automatic programs

The whole process of roof cleaning lasts approximately 1 minute, having a fixed height automatic program or adaptive brush height with vehicles approaching and simply passing between the pillars of the snow removal system. Our snow removal unit is of quiet version, easy to operate with the help of electric remote control, possessing considerable safety warranties. The following standards have been applied LST EN ISO 12100:2011, LST EN ISO 13857:2008, LST EN ISO 60204-1:2006.