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Remove snow from rooftop of vehicles in less than 1 minute!

Snow that accumulate on the roof of your fleet vehicles can be dangerous. Dangerous to the safety of other motorists and dangerous to the company´s bottom line. Snowfalls can delay your fleet, put risk to delivery time, compromise your employees safety, increase fuel cost and consume employees resources.

Durasweeper ST-200 is an exceptional, patented state-of-art technology that skilfully allows to remove snow from rooftop of vehicles without damaging the integrity surface of the roof. Being a versatile system Durasweeper ST-200 will reduce liability and cost by quickly and effectively removing not only snow but also any debris year round.

The idea of Durasweeper invention came to the retired policemen who saw the results of the fatal traffic accident in New Jersey (USA). This tragic outcome was caused by the snow flying from the roof of the truck. Since then, this incident has been called “Flying Snow”. A driver was forced to swerve suddenly to avoid being hit by “flying snow” that expelled from a trailer rooftop ahead of him. In effort to avoid the snow he crashed into a cement bridge pillar. Unfortunately, the driver died in this accident.


How do you clean snow from rooftop of vehicles?

Are you are still removing snow manually? Innovation is a way to a simpler and better life! Think Safety! Save Time and Money!

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Time that is used for cleaning your vehicle,  would be used to earn profit!

 Durasweeper Advantages

Protects company´s reputation


Workers safety


Saves time


Avoids traffic fines


Saves fuel