Snow removal system for the

rooftop of commercial vehicles
reduce cost. enhance security. increase convenience

Rooftop snow removal system for truck trailers, buses and other commercial vehicles.

Snow that accumulate on the roof of your fleet vehicles can be dangerous. Dangerous to the safety of other motorists and dangerous to the company's bottom line.

Durasweeper ST-200 is a snow removal system for trailers. System designed to remove snow from hard to reach trailers roof surfaces, roofs of buses and other commercial vehicles.

With the help of the rooftop snow removal system, it is easy to remove snow even at a height of 5 meters. The trailer rooftop snow removal system is distinguished by its long-lasting characteristics, straightforward and simple maintenance. Most parts of the system are made of stainless steel AISI 304, which is a protective and rustproof, corrosion resistant material maintaining visually attractive features. Electrical gear motors, bearings and other components comprising the structure are distinguished as long-lasting and reliable, certified by known for quality German corporations.

The snow removal from trailers rooftop system is designed for Nordic countries and countries where life is often disturbed by severe wintry weather.







Durasweeper is the snow removal system for truck trailers, busses,...

Durasweeper is the solution

To deliver a safer, more effective, and economical solution for clearing accumulated snow off commercial vehicle rooftops. The rooftop snow removal system improves roadway safety.

Polypropylene brush

With our roof snow system’s patented flicking action and strategic positioning of the high-speed spinning brush, the snow will be removed and tossed to one side of the Durasweeper unit thus leaving the center pathway clear of snow!

Durable construction for long lasting use

Durasweeper snow removal system steel beams are designed in a way to withstand strong winds. To minimize the environment effect on engines, pulleys and cables, specially designed covers are used.

A versatile unit that works with all types of vehicles

The rotary brush can be raised or lowered electrically to clean areas at a height ranging between 0.4 m to 5.6 m off the ground, effortlessly removing snow from trailers rooftops or debris from almost any type of vehicle.

Control panel, cleaning time app 1 minute

Its real-time adjustment will clean surface in app 1 minute depending on the length of the trailer.


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