Commercial Vehicles Rooftop Snow Removal System has been installed in Trondheim Norway

The design has worked well, accommodating all the various sizes and heights of our transportation equipment. We have used the Durasweeper units in the harshest of weather with great success. Our onsite technicians have had sufficient training and man the operations of the Durasweeper units throughout the winter season. The units are very reliable, and with minimal maintenance, have lasted for years and continue to perform well. No damages to our trailer roofs has resulted and they are clean upon exiting the Durasweeper

Review from large USA carrier, buyer of 9 Durasweeper units.

Durasweeper for all types of commercial vehicles

Durasweeper technology removes snow and derbis from the rooftops of all types of comercial vehicles such as:

Trucks, Trailers, Buses, Delivery Vans, Delivery Trucks, Tractor-trailers, Tankers, Flat Beds, Box Vans, Containers.

Durasweeper. Versatile system

Durasweeper can clean: small stones, salt, sand, gravel, grass, plastic, quarry dust, metal shavings.

Advantages of using Durasweeper


Safety & reliability

  • Provides safety for employees and other motorists
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Eliminates roof damages


Efficiency and cost saving

  • Saves fuel consumption from additional weight of snow
  • Increases profit due to decreased nonoperational time of vehicles, lost clients & appointments and possible insurance savings


Improves brand reputation

  • Eliminates accidents due to snow falling and fines of not respecting road safety regulations
  • The system is environmentally friendly

Durasweeper snow removal time is approximately 1 minute!

Reinvent your workflows with Durasweeper! It takes two people half an hour to shovel snow from a trailer. With Durasweeper automated rooftop snow cleaning system one person will clean trailer in app 1 minute. Duarsweeper saves your labor cost!

Save your cost and speed up your operations with Durasweeper!

Durasweeper Streamline Operations and Boost ROI

Run a leaner operation with automated processes that reduce downtime, improve performance, and save you both time and money. Durasweeper boosts your company’s productivity! You get your trucks on a road faster and making a profit, no need to waste time!

Speed up your operations with Durasweeper!

Environmentally friendly system!

Doesn’t use any chemicals for cleaning the roof, fast and straight to the point.

Prevent accidents and avoid civil lawsuits!

Each year accidents occur because snow flying from the roof of the trucks & trailers. Most of the accidents could be prevented if vehicles owners used automated snow removal system Durasweeper.

Increase employees safety!

Durasweeper keeps workers safe and more productive. Reduce the risk of on-side accidents! Removing snow from trailers is a dangerous process that can increase the company’s cost in increased insurance and liability claims.  Eliminate risk factors!

Reducing weight means

reducing fuel cost
Every inch of snow adds some weight on a trailer, and the more your trailer weight the more fuel it will cost you.

With help of Durasweeper you can remove snow from rooftop of vehicles without damaging the integrity surface of the roof. It will help you not just to save your workers time, but also to reduce fuel cost.

Durasweeper is the solution

Versatile Sweeper. Durable Construction for Long-Lasting Use. Quick Assembly and Installation. Removes Snow and Debris from the Rooftops of All Types of Commercial Vehicles.

Frequently asked questions

It has a 3600 mm wide by 800 mm diameter brush that is constructed of replaceable airport tarmac-grade polypropylene bristle cartridges that rotates at 204 Rpm and gently but effectively removes snow that has accumulated. Rotational brush can be raised or lowered electrically to clean surface areas situated at a height ranging between 416mm and 5628 mm off the ground, thus making the Durasweeper ideal for removing snow efficiently from any type of vehicle, regardless of the complexity of its surface area.

No! The distinguished feature of this equipment is, that Durasweeper has no fixed, immovable parts, such as blades or plows, that can interfere with on roof panels, vents, or even loosen or raise rivets. This avoids damaging the vehicle. Thus, unlike other snow removal equipment that was developed previously, the Durasweeper unit can be applied effectively on all different types of vehicles, not only those that have a totally flat roof.

The Durasweeper unit must be fitted on concrete pad, with a pad located directly underneath of Durasweeper’s steel frame. Anchor bolts then secure the unit to the concrete. Plans are given for both preexisting and nonexistent fittings and installations.

The system requires a foot print of 50 square meters. Thoughtful consideration should be given to areas immediately around the unit for snow removal and general facility traffic flow.

The brushes for the Durasweeper units are produced by company “Tecsolum” and are constructed out of polypropylene. In fact, they are the same sort of polypropylene brushes used to sweep airport runways. Therefore, the durability of the brush itself should not be a problem. However, it’s worth mentioning, that brush is made up of 3 separate blocks. If an individual block ever wears out, it can be easily changed at a reasonable cost.

Each Durasweeper rooftop snow cleaning system unit comes with twelve (12)  months manufacturers’ guarantee that covers all of its parts, but not the revolving brush. Except the rotary brush, there are very few components that might never need a replacement on the Durasweeer unit when it is used under normal conditions. The items that could potentially needed to be replaced after considerable time could include the electric hoses and fittings, pulleys, and steel cables. Most routine work can be easily performed by a qualified mechanic using the service guide.

Because Durasweeper is affordable, faster and safer comparing with truck washing systems or manual labor. Vehicles can be operational and earn profit in no time.

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