Durasweeper ST-200

This unit is our economical solution for snow and other debris removal for trailers and other commercial vehicles with a remote control and adjustment of the brush system.

Economical solution

Durasweeper ST-200 is standard automation and has one control mode. Intended to the roof surfaces that don’t have objects on the roof that are beyond 10 cm in height. This system can clean a different type of vehicles, the maximum working brush height is 540 cm and the minimum brush working height is 41 cm. The brush can be moved up and down to adjust to the required height.

Control mode

Durasweeper ST-200 is operated by using the electrical hand-held remote control. The unit is an economical option using the driver and /or operator to position the trailer, the bus, or other vehicle and to adjust the height of the brush. The system is controlled via a control panel. The whole process of cleaning the surface lasts just a few minutes.

Easy assembly

Durasweeper ST-200 Snow Removal System is delivered in preassembled 9 components for easy assembly. The total weight of all parts is approximately 2400 kg. The unit is lubricated with oil that works under temperatures of up to -40 C. Our snow removal unit is a quiet version, easy to operate with the help an electric remote control, possessing considerable safety warranties. The following standards have been applied LST EN ISO 12100:2011, LST EN ISO 13857:2008, LST EN ISO 60204-1:2006.