Limited Warranties

1.1 Subject to the limitations, exclusions, and claims procedures set forth herein, Seller guarantees only to the first retail purchaser that this product will be free from (substantial) defects in materials and workmanship during the warranty period.

1.2 It is necessary to notify Seller within the warranty period if any material or workmanship defect is found. Seller will repair or replace any part or component of the unit or part that fails to correspond to the warranty within the warranty period. Seller requires the Buyer to send date stamped photographs for initial review of warranty claim products.

1.3 The warranty period starts on the delivery of the goods by the Seller to the  Buyer, and expires after twelve (12) months following the delivery of the unit to the first retail purchaser.

1.4 Replacement parts provided or supplied by the Seller are covered for the rest of the warranty period applicable to the unit or component in which such parts are installed.

1.5 Prior to making a decision for a part replacement the Seller preserves the right to repair any component or part of the unit.

1.6 All new replacement parts provided by the Seller will carry a twelve month warranty. With exception of the bristles.

1.7 Some pieces are welded together and can be considered as a single part or assembly. What concerns weldments, they are not considered to be wear parts. Damage to any weldment should be reported to the Seller immediately. Weldment repairs will be subject to the consideration and judgment of engineering team. Have in mind, that not all weldments can or should be repaired due to safety concerns or feasibility. In a case if a weldment is not safe to repair, complete replacement of the weldment will be necessary.

Warranties Restrictions

2.1 Warranties are not valid if goods are assembled by the Buyer and not by the Seller.

2.2 Warranty is applied only to the first retail purchaser, and is not transferable.

2.3 All the defects caused by improper use, accident, misapplication, negligence, or failure to maintain or use the unit fully complying with the most current operating instructions. Seller shall not assume any warranty for damages caused by inappropriate or improper use (in particular for damages caused by the non-observance of the operations instructions), incorrect start-up of operation, faulty treatment, incorrect installation by the Buyer, unsuitable accessories, unsuitable spare parts, inappropriate repair works or by natural wear and tear; always provided that Seller is not responsible for such damages.

2.4 Unauthorized alterations.

2.5 Defects or failures, that resulted in the following process: replacing or adjusting parts or attachments not manufactured by or approved by the Seller.

2.6 Failure to provide normal maintenance of the unit and operate the service including, without limitation, providing lubricants, inspections or adjustments.

2.7 In the following events any part of Limited Warranty shall be determined to be invalid under any applicable law, such provision shall be deemed null and void and the rest of the Limited Warranty shall continue in full force and effect:

  • Supplements or parts that were neither made, nor installed by the Seller.
  • Liability for incidental or consequential damages of any type including, but not limited to, lost profits or expenses of acquiring replacement equipment.
  • Miscellaneous charges.

2.8 The Seller reserves the right to develop/modernize the equipment and amend or change the instruction.